We are Caribbean catering duo from South London with Caribbean roots and a crazy appetite for food - we're craven!!!. Growing up in a traditional Caribbean household. The smell of Curry Goat, Jerk Chicken, Oxtail, and many more filled the house every weekend. We loved Caribbean food growing up and as soon as we were old enough, we got busy in the kitchen too!  

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Growing up in a culturally diverse city such as London has had a big impact in our style of cooking and what we eat - especially street food. So because of this love of cooking and eating we decided to open Dookies Grill in 2014. A little foodie street food haven ram-packed full of juicy, tasty-nah-rass unique Caribbean dishes drawing inspiration from our Caribbean roots and various  other cultural ingredients that are so easily accessible in London. We provide Caribbean catering services and homemade, authentic Jerk Sauces.