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Who We Are

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Exciting Jamaican Food

co - founders

We believe good food is the reason we have been going for the past 7 years. We have traveled to our parents home country of Jamaica several times, always discovering something new every time we go. We have enjoyed the beautiful flavours the island has to offer all whilst taking in magical views of Negril at Rick's Cafe, nyamed some fabulous seafood from a chef on the beach at the Rio resort in  Montego Bay and sipped on some hypnotic rum punch in Ocho Rios.

Jerk... It nice!

We take the flavour of our food very seriously everything from the meat to the slaw is thought about. We marinate all our meat for a minimum of 24hrs before cooking, using our special rubs and marinades using tried and tested ingredients through years of traditional methods used by our Caribbean parents and grandparents.

jerk burger
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Tek it easy

Let Dookies take the stress out of your event by eiliminating the stress of the food preperations.

We will not only cook the food for the big day but we will...

  • Provide access to our music speaker or video footage.

  • Provide custom branded menu with allergens, complimentary Dookies Grill sauces.

  • Take-home meals for the event planning team!!!

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