Why book us?

Dookie’s Grill focuses on re-creating the vibe and brightness of the Caribbean: We use vibrant colours, custom cut props to create a real Island restaurant feel along with of course, cooking everything fresh on site throughout the day.


Our staff are friendly, enthusiastic and have bags of personality. We choose our staff that way as we believe Street Food is not just about the food but the experience that you receive when you are ordering. Its important that the service standards are just as high as the food standards. We pride ourselves on that


Our operation is also very tight, we work on the logistics with staff prior to every event to ensure food (which we cook fresh on site) is distributed nicely, in the fastest possible time so that customers can get back to enjoying the event.

Our BBQ menu (with our own homemade Jerk Chicken sauce!)  works well for both informal gatherings as well as more formal special events such as weddings. We have our own charcoal BBQs and pop-up gazebos – meaning we are pretty much ready to go whenever and wherever you need us to be and can set-up in a flash.


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